Wisecut ai Review - Ratings & Features (2024)

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Automatic Video Editor

Wisecut is an innovative AI-powered automatic video editor designed to streamline the video editing process, particularly for creating short, impactful clips for platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Social Ads. This tool is tailored to save time and enhance audience engagement for creators across various domains.

Key Features Of Wisecut

1. Auto Cut Silences: Wisecut automatically identifies and removes long pauses in videos, ensuring a smoother flow and more engaging content.

2. Auto Subtitles And Translations: With a majority of viewers watching videos without sound, Wisecut's auto-generated subtitles and translations greatly enhance engagement and accessibility.

3. Smart Background Music: Wisecut simplifies the process of adding music by automatically selecting and syncing songs to the video content.

4. Automatic Audio Ducking: This feature intelligently balances the audio, lowering background music when someone is speaking and increasing it when there's no speech, ensuring clarity and focus on the content.

5. Storyboard-Based Editing: Wisecut offers a unique storyboard-based editing approach where users can make changes by moving text and scenes around, requiring no complex video editing skills.

User Experience And Benefits

Time Efficiency: Users have reported significant time savings in editing, with one YouTuber noting a reduction of 3 to 4 hours in editing time for a food vlog.

Simplicity In Editing: Wisecut offers a straightforward editing process compared to other software, which often requires complex adjustments and extensive learning.

Enhanced Productivity: Particularly beneficial for creators of teaching videos and voice overs, Wisecut automates the editing of pauses and mistakes, allowing creators to focus more on content creation.

Business Applications: Firms producing testimonial videos have found Wisecut to be a valuable tool in reducing the time spent on editing and transcribing, thus enhancing overall productivity.


Wisecut stands out as a powerful tool for content creators, educators, and businesses alike, offering an efficient and user-friendly solution to video editing. Its AI-driven features not only save time but also improve the quality and engagement of video content, making it an essential tool in the digital content creation toolbox.


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