Opus Pro Review - Ratings & Features (2024)

AI-powered Video Repurposing

Opus Pro emerges as a trailblazing AI video tool, poised to revolutionize content creation and sharing online. It's an invaluable resource for creators, marketers, and businesses looking to amplify their digital narrative through video content. This article delves into Opus Pro's features, benefits, and its transformative role in video content production.

Introducing Opus Pro

Opus Pro is a cutting-edge AI-driven video tool that masterfully condenses long speaking videos into engaging, concise clips at the click of a button. Distinguished as the premier AI video clipping tool, Opus Pro offers an effortless way to repurpose extensive videos into up to ten captivating viral clips, drastically streamlining the content creation process.

Core Features and Functionality

Opus Clip boasts a suite of 'AI Magic Tools' that includes:

  • AI Curation (ClipGenius™)**: This feature analyzes videos to identify the most compelling parts, extracts them, and rearranges into cohesive, viral short videos-
  • AI Virality Score™: It predicts the virality potential of each clip based on an analysis of thousands of viral videos.
  • AI Co-Pilot: This tool allows for more control over the clipping process, enabling users to select specific parts of the video based on keywords.
  • Active Speaker Detection: This feature ensures the speaker's face is always centered in the video frame, enhancing viewer engagement.
  • AI Dynamic Layout**: It automatically adjusts the screen layout for a more dynamic and visually appealing presentation.
  • AI B-roll (beta)**: Adds contextually relevant B-roll to enhance storytelling and visual appeal.
  • AI Emoji & Keyword: This feature uses AI to add relevant emojis and highlight keywords, increasing views by over 42%.

Influencing Creator Growth

Opus Pro has proven to be transformative for content creators:

  • Enhanced Views and Revenue: Users report substantial growth in views and revenue, with cases showing significant increases within hours of posting content generated with Opus Pro.
  • Subscriber Growth: The tool has been instrumental in increasing subscriber counts, contributing to substantial audience expansion.

Additional Features

  • Caption Animation: Improves engagement with various caption animations.
  • Video Resizing: Adapts content for different social media platforms with ease.
  • Autopost & Scheduler: Facilitates direct posting or scheduled uploads on major platforms.
  • Filler Word Removal: Enhances video clarity by eliminating unnecessary filler words.

Versatility and Language Support

Opus Pro supports an array of languages, making it ideal for a global audience. It's particularly effective for video podcasts, educational content, commentary, product reviews, and motivational speeches.

Accessibility and Pricing

Opus Pro offers a free trial and a basic free plan, along with various paid subscription options catering to more extensive needs.


Opus Pro represents a significant advancement in content creation technology. By harnessing AI for video editing and optimization, it enables creators to focus on creativity and narrative, ensuring their content shines in the competitive digital realm.


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